The Akron Chapter of The American Guild of Organists

About the Akron Chapter AGO

The Akron, Ohio Chapter of the American Guild of Organists was chartered on June 14, 1942 by the National Council of American Guild of Organists, New York, New York.

AGO Mission Statement
The purpose of the American Guild of Organists is to promote the organ in its historic and evolving roles, to encourage excellence in the performance of organ and choral music, and to provide a forum for mutual support, inspiration, education, and certification of Guild members.

2017-18 Chapter Leadership

Past Deans of the Akron Chapter

*Elmer Ende, 1942-46
*Harold Tower, 1946-48
*Louise Inskeep, 1948-50
*Frank Johnson, 1950-51
*Roger Boyd, 1951-53
Dorothy Riley, 1953-56
*Jack Staley, 1956-58
Dorothy Warden, 1958-60
Dr. Farley Hutchins, AAGO, 1960-61
Joanne Hart, 1961-63
Thomas Schaettle, 1963-64
*Dr. Richard Warner, 1964-66
Gloria Massa, 1966-68
Richard Shirey, 1968-69
Cynthia Ruman Strickland, 1969-71
Carolyn Stahl Brewer, 1971-73
Robert Quade, 1973-75
Barbara MacGregor, AAGO, 1975-76
Ruth Ferguson, 1976-78
Hans Zbinden, 1978-80
Ronald Williams 1980-82
Robert Carlyon, 1982-84
*Edward Ayers, 1984-86
Fern Kempthorne-Jennings, CAGO, 1986-88
Richard Pinkerton, AAGO, 1988-90
Kevin M. Clemens, CAGO, 1990-92
David J. Foerster, 1992-94
H. Dean Wagner, 1994-96
Janice M. Kobb, CAGO, 1996-98
Mary Ann Switz, 1998-2000
James Storry, 2000-02
Rex Roseman, SPC, 2002-04
Joyce Drotos, 2004-06
Karl M. Harsney, 2006-08
Dawn Filler, CAGO, 2008-2010
Janice M. Kobb, CAGO, 2010-11
Ed Hauck, 2011-12
Gary Pinter, 2012-14
Mary Ragna Yetter, 2014-2016
Lynn Frey-Steward, 2016-

* Deceased